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Sex Machines - Hot or Not?

The wondeful thing about sex machines is they are always hot stuff and in demand. The worrying question is, are we being to open about sex, so much that at some point no one will want to have sex with one another because what we get from sex machines will be so great that it will make mankind replacable. Hell no.

With that sorted, the answer to the title is a simple - it depends on who you are, and it depends on what you like. If you’re the kind of person who does not like to share fantasies and open up about sex, a sex machine may be perfect for you, on the other hand it may not. If you are quite open with your partner about what you want out of sex then a sex machine is most definitely something you will benefit from… on the whole.

Sex machines aren’t for everyone. But having said that, I say this tongue in cheek, now you can get sex machines for men, as well as sex machines for women, so really, at present sex machines are for everyone!

However, most people in the world will find that upon using a sex machine, it will really add the word intense when you’re talking about the strength of your orgasms!

Choosing a sex machine is easy - you just search for the sex machines site and have a look at all that’s on offer to you. If in doubt email the sex machine shop, and they should be more than happy to oblige.

Another word for the sex machine is the sybian, this could be where alot of the ideas for sex machines came from but in essence they are slightly different things, one has a major goal and purpose and the others are quite varied and will do things others don’t and therefor people can pick and choose which ones suit them best and which ones give them the most pleasure.